Tampa General Hospital built a new Neo Natal Unit (NIC unit) this past year(2010).
It is the 3rd largest such unit in the country with 82 individual rooms.
Each of 7 halls/wings are named after a Florida animal and decorated
accordingly. As in the example, if your baby is located on Dolphin Drive, then
the end of the hallway has the large sign with the Dolphin to direct visitors
and parents, and each doorway in that hall also has the dolphin on it. The whiteboards
inside of the rooms are to have the same image keeping everything related. I had
the honor to be called upon to design the 7 Florida animals for the NIC unit's
7 wings/hallways. My artwork is used as the signage throughout the unit.
There are also many paintings to cheer up visitors by other local Florida Artists.
Tampa General Hospital made a great effort to make the new NIC unit
a very inviting and comforting place for both parents and babies.